AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

118 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details CP6245 CONCENTRIC SLAVE CYLINDER The CP6245 cylinder has been designed to mount over the clutch. The aluminium body has a special hard wearing, low friction coating, to minimise seal wear. The seals are resistant to high temperatures, and utilise a scrapper ring. CP7950 HYDRAULIC POWER ACTUATOR This power actuator is designed to be used in conjunction with an elec- tronic control power hydraulic system, (e.g. Paddle Shift), to operate the clutch. It is fitted between the clutch pedal, and a standard master cylinder, allowing manual operation using the clutch pedal if required. Note; CP7950 uses mineral oil seals. PART NUMBERS ◘ CP7950-6 (Without CP4623-88NC Master Cylinder). ◘ CP7950-5 (With CP4623-88NC Master Cylinder included). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ◘ Weight. 397g ◘ Full Stroke. 25.4mm (1.0”) ◘ Effective Piston Area. 178.0mm² ◘ Hydraulic Threads. M10x1.0 Inlet / M10x1.0 Bleed Port ◘ Body Material. Aluminium Alloy ◘ Optional Extra Details. Sensor: ◘ Linear Potentiometer ◘ Full electrical stroke 30mm ◘ Note: Only approx 26.0mm stroke is utilised in this configuration. ◘ Resistance 1.2 KOhm ◘ Independent Linearity 0.25% ◘ Applied Voltage 26Vdc. ◘ Repair kit CP7950-6RK INSTALLATION DRAWING Specifications Part Numbers CP6245-7 CP6245-8 Assembly mounting PCD Ø193.00 Ø185.00 Stroke 15.70 ±0.25mm Weight 753g X-Sectional area 910.90mm² (1.411sq²) Effective bore diameter 34.06mm (1.341”) Max input pressure 6.9N/mm² (1000psi) Hydraulic fluid AP551 Hydraulic threads M10 x 1.0 Slave cylinder seal repair kit CP3749-3 Replacement release bearing CP3457-12 Clutch LDVT kit CP3749-7 Replacement sensor CP3749-6 Ø 0.0 0 BOTH SEATED AND GASKET SEALED HYDRAULIC FITTING MAY BE USED (NOT SUPPLIED). THESE PORTS WILL ALSO ACCEPT FITTINGS IN ACCORDANCE WITH DIN3852 OR ISO6149 (M10X1.0) BLEED PORT 3 HOLES Ø8.20/810 AS SHOWN FEED PORT SLAVE SETTING HEIGHT TO BE CONTOLLED BY THE USE OF CORRECT LENGTH MTG STUD/SLEEVES. TO ENSURE PROPER FUNCTIONING OF THE RELEASE MECHANISM ALTERNATIVE FEED PORT SLAVE FULLY WORN POSITION SLAVE FULLY RELEASED POSITION MADE TO SUIT LVDT MOUNTED IN G/BOX MAY BE AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT AP RACING FOR MORE INFORMATION SLAVE CYLINDER CP6245-8 Ø185.00 MTG PCD. RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON NON STARTER RING TYPE COVERS. SLAVE CYLINDER CP6245-7 Ø193.00 MTG PCD. RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH COVERS UTILIZING A STARTER RING. 125.00° 125.00° IF AN OPEN TYPE END CAP IS USED, THE DEBRIS SLOT IS TO BE FITTED OPPOSITE THE BLEED PORT. 37.35 MAX 10.00 2.00 0.65 0.35 BELOW MTG FACE AT FULLY RETRACTED POSITION Ø69.03 MAX Ø39.00 REF RELEASE FULCRUM Ø96.00 Ø106.25 MAX 15.40 15.10 PISTON PROTUSION AGAINST STOP WITH OPEN END CAP 50.35 MAX Ø8.50 OPTIONAL LDVT KIT ALTERNATIVE LDVT MTG 69.9 R6.0 50.0° 26.0 30.0° R10.20 R18.5 57.15 2 HOLES Ø8.81/ 8.69 THRH 148.5 46.75 79.47 19.8 12.5 20.0° 20.0 4.00 30.5 34.25 32.98 32.85 M8.0x1.50 AT FULL 25.4mm TRAVEL 21.35 M10x1.0 OUTLET OPTIONAL TRAVEL TRANSDUCER M1.0x1.0 BLEED PORT AND INLET SYMMETRICALLY OPPOSITE CP4623 MASTER CYLINDER SHOWN FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY, NOT PART OF ASSEMBLY CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDERS - Pull Type & Power Actuator Note: Drawing for guidance only. Download latest issue installation drawing from www.apracing.com Note: Drawing for guidance only. Download latest issue installation drawing from www.apracing.com