AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

+44 (0)24 7663 9595 Introduction SPECIAL PROJECTS AP Racing, can and have, engineered unique solutions for various “ Special Vehicles” sectors which includes Armoured or Defence, Hybrid, Electric, Land Speed, Bomb Disposal and even Aerospace applications, to a customer’s own specific criteria and requirements. With varying duty levels of brake and clutch systems available, solutions can be designed and developed based on our specific vehicle testing procedures replicating the environments and scenarios experienced by these vehicles. With years of experience and a wealth of talent in all areas or our business, AP Racing is perfectly placed to offer the innovation required in these exciting market sectors. ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY It isn’t easy being at the pinnacle of motorsport or performance road brake and clutch design continuously for 50 years, but the resources available toAP Racing ensure the best is always on hand for all its customers, from state of the art three dimensional solid modelling/design and FEA CAD facilities to sophisticated research, development, testing and quality departments that constantly probe the boundaries of technology. Some 11 years ago AP Racing introduced its first Radi-CAL™ designed brake caliper to the world. This revolution in brake caliper technology features a design concept that improve efficiency, cooling and driver control. This proven race winning technology is available in all major race series around the world from F1, GT, Touring Car, WRC and Nascar to name a few and AP Racing are continuing with further developments of Radi-CAL™ technology for additional motorsport applications, and also including OEM Road and Aftermarket calipers. To date, AP Racing has produced some 100 first and second generation variants with the company continuing to refine the Radi-CAL™ design processes to further enhance its position as a world leader in brake caliper design. The Complete Competitive Range This product catalogue offers an unequalled selection of brake and clutch systems and accessories. They form an integrated range of thousands of individual components and products carefully developed and selected for every motorsport, OEM, high performance upgrade and motorcycle application. With a worldwide network of 45 specialist distributors, modern Internet communication facilities and express delivery services, AP Racing ensures that the widest selection of high performance products is available, wherever you are. N.B: Whilst this catalogue provides comprehensive details of AP Racing products our website (www.apracing.com ) offers the most up to date information on the changes that may occur to our products. welcome to the AP Racing product catalogue This catalogue has been designed to provide the user from whatever level of Motorsport, OE / High performance and Motorcycle industry with a guide to the most popular AP Racing products. However not all products are listed so if your requirements differ from those in the catalogue please contact us for more help, we aim to be flexible. A pdf version of this catalogue is also available to download from www.apracing.com about us the company For over 50 years AP Racing has been the leading manufacturer of per- formance brake and clutch systems for motorsport, OEM, aftermarket road, armoured and motorcycle applications. Based in Coventry, AP Racing has achieved more national and international sporting success than any of its rivals. In 2019 alone, AP Racing supplied either brakes, clutches or both to over 30 champions across the entire spectrum of the motorsport world. AP Racing core product ranges include, brake calipers, clutches, discs, pads, master cylinders, pedal boxes and air jacks as well as road and competition brake systems for motorcycles. AP Racing once again achieve accreditation to ISO:9001:2015 and registration to the IATF16949:2016 quality approval standards. These certifications underlines AP Racing’s commitment to provide the highest quality products and services to meet the exacting requirements of its customers. Race Ever since AP Racing’s creation it has been at the forefront of the motorsport industry, creating winners on the track and the roads, from Iron brakes to today’s Carbon/Carbon, from large diameter clutches to compact Ø97mm, F1 multi-plate units that transmit 1000bhp at 10,000rpm, AP Racing has shown the way. In Motorsport and F1 respectively our successes started with the incredible Auto Unions and have continued uninterrupted up to the 2018 Champion- ship winning Mercedes. At the end of the 2019 Season AP Racing had notched up an incredible 836 Grand Prix wins with either our brake calipers or clutches since 1967. This longevity of success has seenAPRacing repeating these achievements in other branches of motorsport from WRC, Touring Cars, Nascar, Indy Car, GT and many others in more than 50 countries around the world. ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT Competition is the best of test-beds and AP Racing’s years of experience in motor sport also brings benefits for the latest OEM road cars. The emphasis may be different, qualified by the everyday demands of the modern road conditions but the essential requirements remain the same. Supporting both low and high volume OE customers, AP Racing has the resources, technology and knowledge to bring its racing history and performance to the road. For many years, AP Racing has been supplying some of the top marques in the high performance vehicle market with brake and clutch systems to suit specific applications. Through a proven design and development program, along with engineering support to the customer, AP Racing is able to provide high performing, reliable brake and clutch solutions to a variety of performance car marques.