AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

2 Visit www.apracing.com for full & up to date product range New Products AP Racing has many new exciting products and projects to be released throughout the next couple of years and will be announcing all relevant details through our website and social media platforms. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive information. New Products GT3 / GT4 Front and Rear Calipers. Forged, 6 Piston front CP7269 and 4 Piston rear CP7480. Designed for GT3 & 4 applications. Being lighter and stiffer compared to CP6269 & CP6480 respectively, and both are manufactured using near net forgings. Designed to accept the following iron discs. - CP7269 - Ø390x36mm - See page 9 - CP7480 - Ø370x32mm - See page 10 I-Drive Disc & Bell. New interlocking disc and bell mounting system for GT3/GT4 brake discs. New system allows: - Increased drive lug strength capability. - Provides constant float under all conditions. - Analysis has shown a 31% reduction in stress compared to the conventional bobbin Drive System, whilst the new design removes the mounting procedure required with the conventional bobbin drive. See page 35 for further details. Pedal Boxes Sliding Pedal Box A new modular floor mounted pull type sliding pedal box to suit FIA fixed seat regulations. Many new design features and improvements over CP5538 pedal box. Example part numbers - CP5548-CBT - 3 Pedal & 2 Pedal (Brake & Clutch) - CP5548-BT See page 76 for further detailed information. Fixed Floor Mounted Pedal Box CP5596 we believe is the most efficient fixed floor mounted pedal box on the market. The cylinders are mounted under the drivers feet for optimum space utilisation and access. Minimum hysteresis and balance variation are assured by the use of needle roller bearings in the centre trunnion. Example part numbers - CP5596-CBT - 3 Pedal & 2 Pedal (Brake & Clutch) - CP5596-BT, See page 76 for further detailed information. Metallic Race Clutch ‘DB’ Lightweight Dual Banded Sintered Race / Rally Clutch New direction in clutch design. CP8732 offers a patented concentric dual banded cover feature. ‘DB’ clutches benefit from the same optimised software use in Radi-CAL™ brake technology, offering a significant reduction in weight and increased stiffness compare to the conventional clutch assembly. See page 108 for further detailed information. Master Cylinder CP6461 A new pull type design, as CP6465 but with a more durable 3/8”UNF Pushrod. Suit- able for applications where vibrations and resonance maybe present. See page 67 for further detailed information. CP7269 CP7480