AP Racing Catalogue Issue 3

2 Visit www.apracing.com for full & up to date product range New Products and Changes. Catalogue Changes: This highlights products and or ranges that have been removed from our previous catalogue. Factory Big Brake Kits: The following Road and Competition kits have been taken out of the catalogue, but their information remains on the website: Motorcycle Products: The individual motorcycle product section has been removed from this catalogue. However the motorcycle brake calipers and master cylinders have been included in the Brake calipers and Actuations sections respectively. Special Tuning Clutches. The whole range has been removed from this catalogue as AP Racing is no longer able to supply a number of critical component parts. The remaining options are detailed on our website. However, the following cover assemblies have been made obsolete and no longer available to order: Cover Families:- - Ø215mm - CP2511-1 / CP2246-70 / CP2246-71 & CP2647-1. - Ø220mm - CP3560-1 & CP3560-2. - Ø240mm - CP3380-2 / CP2345-4 / CP2345-8. - Ø267mm - CP2789-1 Driven Plate Families:- For the part numbers affected please refer to our website for more information. NEWS AP Racing has many new exciting products and projects to be released throughout the next couple of years and will be announcing all relevant details through our website and social media platforms. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive information. New Products: Ø184mm (7¼”) Race Clutch:- We have added a 3 (Triple) plate paddle/cerametallic and organic clutch to the existing range to suit Historic racing. - CP7383 - suitable for high torque historic race and rally applications - a forged aluminium alloy cover with four different capacity options. See page 128 for further details. Reservoirs:- Two new 400cc capacity plastic reservoirs with either a central of offset outlet supplied with 3/8”UNF push on adaptor fitting have been added to our extensive reservoirs range under CP2293-173 (offset outlet) and CP2293-185 (Centre outlet) part numbers. See page 74 for further details. APPLICATION: PART NUMBERS: APPLICATION: PART NUMBERS: APPLICATION: PART NUMBERS: AUDI FORD SUBARU A3, 1.8T CP5570-1003 FIESTA ST, MK5 CP6637-1001 IMPREZA, 93 - 2014 CP5555-1052 RS4 FRONT CP5555M1034 FOCUS ST, MK2 CP6628-1004 VW RS4 REAR CP6602-1000 HONDA GOLF, MK4 CP5570-1003 BMW CIVIC TYPE R, EP3 CP5570-1012 SCIROCCO, MK3 GTi / TDi CP5570-1015 535i, E60 CP5555-1043 S2000 CP6637-1000 M5, E34 CP5555-1001 MITSUBISHI - EVO 7,8,9 FRONT CP5555-1032 FACTORY COMPETITION BRAKE KITS M5 / 5 SERIES, E39 CP5555-1036 NISSAN - 350Z REAR CP7633-1000 MITSUBISHI EVO 10, FRONT & REAR CP5060-1000NP CP5555-1038 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE CP9040Z1000 CP8522Z1002 CP7636-1000NP