AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

46 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details BRAKE DISCS - Carbon / Carbon - Installation Details & Part Numbers PART NUMBERS Below are part number examples for guidance only. Please confirm correct requirements before placing an order with one of the engineers detailed on page 45 or contact AP Racing’s technical department. - Discs: ◘ AP Racing offer a range of disc from Ø380 or Ø355 x 37mm or 35mm. Listed are some typical GT sized discs. - Ø380mm x 37mm - RH = CP2872-400H17I / - LH = CP2872-401H17I. - Ø355mm x 37mm - RH = CP2872-402H17I / - LH = CP2872-403H17I. - Ø355mm x 35mm - RH = CP2872-404H17I. / - LH = CP2872-405H17I. - Pads: ◘ Pads are available in various thicknesses and shapes to suit AP Racing Calipers and most other manufacturers variants. ◘ CP4240-54H18 - Pad Area = 78.12cm² - Pad Depth = 53mm - Pad Thickness = 25mm - For Calipers:- CP6077 & CP6078. ◘ CP4970-28H18 - Pad Area = 81.9cm² - Pad Depth = 53mm - Pad Thickness = 27mm - For Calipers:- CP6080, CP6160, CP6161. & CP6165. ◘ CP6070-108H18 - Pad Area = 69.1cm² - Pad Depth = 49mm - Pad Thickness = 25mm - For Calipers:- CP6470, CP6270, CP6271 & CP6278 CARBON DISC INSTALLATION DETAILS AP Racing offer the following advice as a guide only for mounting and installing a Carbon/Carbon Disc. The preferred mounting method for carbon discs is “ float in the bell” as this allows for axial and radial float between disc and bell. Radial float allows differential expansion of disc and bell thus reducing stresses in the disc. The idea of axial float is to compensate for a certain amount of stub axle / upright flex by allowing the disc to take up its ideal position within the range of float thus avoiding ‘Knockback’ of the caliper pistons. However the float should not be excessive as disc gyroscopic loads can cause the same effect that the float is meant to alleviate. The amount of axial float will depend somewhat on the application. In a ‘perfect’ system with minimal disc movement relative to the Caliper the amount of float need only be around 0.45mm nominal float. The drawings opposite provide information on disc and bell mounting, typical mounting bell data and an example of disc and caliper ducting. . DISC & BELL BOBBIN KIT CP2494-43 REF No. DESCRIPTION PART No. QTY 1 BOBBIN CP2494-734 12 2 ¼” UNF BOLT CP2494-746 12 3 Ø12.70 WASHER CP2494-747 12 4 NUT (HIGH TEMP) CP2494-748 12 5 Ø18.00 WASHER CP5390-123CR3 12 MOUNTING BELL DATA DISC AND CALIPER DUCTING DISC COOLONG APPROX Ø125 DUCTING RECOMMENDED SMOOTH DUCTING FOR BETTER AIR FLOW IF POSSIBLE SEPARATE IN-TAKE FOR CALIPER DUCTING, THIS ALLOWS CALIPER MAX COOLING DISC TEMP TO BE SUITABLY ADJUSTED FOR CIRCUIT SMOOTH DUCTING FOR BETTER AIR FLOW TYPICALLY Ø50 MINIMUM LENGTH OF FLEXIBLE DUCTING MINIMUM LENGTH OF FLEXIBLE DUCTING RECOMMENDED APPROX 4MM GAP BETWEEN DUCTING AND DISC FACE TO ALLOW AIR TO PASS UP DISC FACE, AS WITH CUT-OUTS ON MTG BELL APPROX 40% AIR FLOW THROUGH DISC VANES DISC Ø. MINIMUM CROSS SECTION THROUGH DISC VANES MINIMUM CROSS SECTION DISC FACE Ø380 4673mm² 6230mm² Ø355 4608mm² 5913mm² Ø340 4608mm² 5913mm² # 9.95 9.90 # THESE DIMENSIONS ARE FINISHED DIMENSIONS AFTER ANY HARD ANODISING OR OTHER TREATMENTS HAVE BEEN APPLIED. MAKE APPROPRIATE ALLOWANCE DURING MACHINING #12 SLOTS 10.08 10.03 EQUI-SPACED ARRANGE POCKETS ON THE APPROPRIATE SIDE, BETWEEN DRIVE SLOTS TO ENCOURAGE AIR FLOW OVER THE BELL SIDE OF THE CARBON DISC. POCKET DEPTH 6mm MIN RAD CHAMFER ALL SLOT EDGES 0.5 x 45° RADIUS ‘B’ DETAIL SHOWING CRITICAL BELL DIMENSIONS TO SUIT AP RACING BOBBINS SUPPLIED IN DISC/BELL MOUNTING KIT CP2494-43. ALL OTHER DIMENSIONS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CUSTOMER BELL DATA DISC Ø Disc MOUNTING PCØ RADIUS ‘A’ RADIUS ‘B’ 380 250.0 132.0 ± 0.15 116.5 ± 0.15 355 225.0 119.5 ± 0.15 104.0 ± 0.15 340 152.0 (5.98”) 64.00 DISC DIAMETER DISC MOUNTING PCØ 1 2 3 MTG BELL # 9.95 / 9.90 BOBBIN 10.45/10.30 GIVES 0.45 NOMINAL FLOAT NOTE: THE CORRECT ORIENTATION OF BOBBINS SECTION X-X 1.60 4.38 49.00 3.50 7.05 1.60 X X 22.00 MAX DISC FLANGE Y Y 4 5 TIGHTENING TORQUE 14Nm INSTALLATION NOTE : ENSURE LARGE WASHER 5 IS INSTALLED UNDER NUT AND SMALL WASHER 3 IS INSTALLED UNDER BOLT HEAD AS SHOWN. NUT 4 TO BE INSTALLED INBOARD AS SHOWN IN SECTION X-X