AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

56 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details BRAKE PADS TO SUIT AP RACING BRAKE CALIPERS The tables below provide details of the complete range of AP Racing brake calipers and the correct pad shape to suit each caliper in the range. As well as providing information on current calipers, the table also includes all the obsolete AP Racing calipers (calipers no longer in production or no longer available from AP Racing), and gives the correct pad family number where still available. Please refer to the individual pad profiles on pages 51 to 55 to ensure that the pad shape is still available. When using the chart the following points should be noted:- 1. Some installations require the use of a ‘Scalloped’ version of the given pad family. In these cases the full area pad cannot be used. 2. In most cases a thinner version of the original pad can be used as an alternative. 3. A ‘Scalloped’ pad (smaller radial depth) can usually be used in place of the full area pad but may affect ultimate performance. NB Inclusion of a caliper in this list does not indicate availability. Caliper No. Pad No. CP2195 CP2195 CP2270 CP2270 CP2271 CP2270 CP2279 CP2279 CP2290 CP2279 CP2340 CP2340 CP2361 CP2340 CP2372 CP2372 CP2373 CP2372 CP2382 CP2372 CP2383 CP2372 CP2384 CP2372 CP2385 CP2340 CP2399 CP2399 CP2409 CP2279 CP2425 CP2270 CP2485 CP2399 CP2505 CP2195 CP2561 CP2554 CP2562 CP2554 CP2564 CP3714 CP2570 CP2372 CP2575 CP2270 CP2576 CP2399 CP2577 CP2399 CP2578 CP2372 CP2586 CP2399 CP2587 CP2399 CP2600 CP2195 CP2601 CP2195 CP2632 CP2887 CP2636 CP2279 CP2639 CP2279 CP2645 CP2645 CP2661 CP2340 CP2667 CP2399 CP2696 CP2195 CP2698 CP2372 CP2699 CP2372 CP2702 CP2702 CP2712 CP2712 CP2735 CP2195 CP2736 CP2702 CP2749 CP2749 CP2750 CP2749 CP2751 CP2749 CP2752 CP2749 CP2755 CP2749 CP2756 CP2749 CP2757 CP2749 CP2758 CP2749 CP2770 CP2195 CP2824 CP2340 CP2830 CP2830 CP2831 CP2270 CP2832 CP2749 CP2833 CP2749 CP2843 CP2749 CP2852 CP2399 CP2854 CP2554 CP2862 CP2399 CP2868 CP2868 CP2870 CP2870 CP2876 CP2270 CP2877 CP2279 CP2879 CP2554 CP2887 CP2340 CP2888 CP2340 CP2889 CP2279 CP2890 CP2279 CP2895 CP2399 CP2910 CP2279 CP2917 CP2279 CP2918 CP2279 CP2919 CP2399 CP2935 CP2279 CP2936 CP2279 CP2937 CP2279 CP2966 CP2195 CP2986 CP2270 CP2988 CP2340 CP2998 CP2998 CP2999 CP2998 CP3000 CP2998 CP3008 CP2270 CP3009 CP2279 CP3025 CP2279 CP3026 CP2279 CP3044 CP2399 Caliper No. Pad No. CP3045 CP2372 CP3048 CP2279 CP3086 CP3085 CP3088 CP3086 CP3089 CP2279 CP3090 CP2279 CP3093 CP2279 CP3094 CP2279 CP3107 CP3107 CP3118 CP2279 CP3129 CP2340 CP3138 CP2279 CP3139 CP2279 CP3140 CP2279 CP3148 CP2340 CP3160 CP2749 CP3161 CP2749 CP3162 CP2749 CP3163 CP2749 CP3166 CP2749 CP3167 CP2749 CP3170 CP2279 CP3172 CP2279 CP3176 CP2399 CP3177 CP2399 CP3178 CP2399 CP3185 CP3086 CP3186 CP3086 CP3207 CP3207 CP3208 CP3086 CP3209 CP2279 CP3216 CP3215 CP3228 CP2340 CP3239 CP2279 CP3240 CP2279 CP3245 CP2749 CP3248 CP3248 CP3249 CP2279 CP3257 CP3215 CP3259 CP2749 CP3286 CP3215 CP3288 CP3215 CP3307 CP3215 CP3312 CP3215 CP3315 CP2279 CP3317 CP2279 CP3326 CP3215 CP3338 CP2340 CP3343 CP2279 CP3344 CP2340 CP3345 CP2340 CP3348 CP2340 CP3349 CP2340 CP3355 CP2340 CP3358 CP2340 CP3359 CP2340 CP3360 CP2749 CP3364 CP2340 CP3365 CP3215 CP3368 CP2279 CP3369 CP3086 CP3375 CP2279 CP3378 CP2340 CP3379 CP2340 CP3385 CP3086 CP3386 CP3086 CP3387 CP3714 CP3390 CP2279 CP3394 CP2279 CP3395 CP2279 CP3416 CP2279 CP3417 CP2279 CP3426 CP2279 CP3428 CP2340 CP3434 CP3215 CP3435 CP3215 CP3436 CP2340 CP3438 CP2279 CP3439 CP2279 CP3440 CP3215 CP3341 CP2279 CP3446 CP2279 CP3447 CP2279 CP3449 CP2340 CP3455 CP2279 CP3456 CP2340 CP3459 CP2340 CP3463 CP2279 CP3465 CP2279 Caliper No. Pad No. CP3470 CP3215 CP3471 CP2279 CP3475 CP3215 CP3477 CP2340 CP3479 CP2340 CP3480 CP2279 CP3481 CP2340 CP3482 CP2340 CP3483 CP2279 CP3484 CP2279 CP3485 CP3086 CP3488 CP2279 CP3489 CP2279 CP3490 CP2279 CP3495 CP2279 CP3496 CP2270 CP3498 CP2279 CP3525 CP2279 CP3536 CP2340 CP3545 CP2340 CP3546 CP2279 CP3548 CP3548 CP3549 CP3549 CP3552 CP2749 CP3553 CP2279 CP3554 CP3555 CP3555 CP3558 CP3556 CP2340 CP3557 CP2279 CP3564 CP2340 CP3565 CP2340 CP3566 CP2279 CP3567 CP2340 CP3569 CP3086 CP3570 CP2340 CP3577 CP2340 CP3578 CP2279 CP3579 CP2279 CP3584 CP2279 CP3585 CP2340 CP3586 CP3086 CP3587 CP2340 CP3595 CP2279 CP3596 CP3596 CP3599 CP2340 CP3601 CP6301 CP3604 CP3714 CP3605 CP3714 CP3608 CP2279 CP3609 CP2279 CP3614 CP3714 CP3615 CP3714 CP3617 CP2399 CP3618 CP2340 CP3619 CP2340 CP3620 CP3215 CP3629 CP2195 CP3634 CP2279 CP3635 CP2279 CP3636 CP2279 CP3637 CP2340 CP3638 CP2279 CP3639 CP2279 CP3645 CP2340 CP3646 CP2279 CP3647 CP2340 CP3650 CP2279 CP3666 CP3666 CP3667 CP3666 CP3668 CP3666 CP3676 CP2399 CP3677 CP2399 CP3679 CP3679 CP3685 CP2340 CP3687 CP2372 CP3688 CP3215 CP3689 CP2279 CP3694 CP2279 CP3695 CP2279 CP3696 CP2195 CP3697 CP3195 CP3704 CP3714 CP3705 CP3714 CP3708 CP2279 CP3714 CP3714 CP3715 CP3714 CP3720 CP3215 CP3721 CP2279 CP3725 CP2279 Caliper No. Pad No. CP3727 CP3215 CP3733 CP3215 CP3735 CP2340 CP3736 CP2279 CP3737 CP2340 CP3738 CP2279 CP3746 CP2702 CP3750 CP3215 CP3755 CP3554 CP3760 CP2279 CP3769 CP3086 CP3779 CP2561 CP3788 CP2279 CP3789 CP2279 CP3790 CP2279 CP3796 CP3796 CP3799 CP2279 CP3800 CP3800 CP3801 CP2279 CP3804 CP3714 CP3805 CP3714 CP3809 CP2279 CP3814 CP3714 CP3815 CP3714 CP3820 CP2279 CP3825 CP3800 CP3827 CP3800 CP3830 CP3800 CP3846 CP2340 CP3855 CP3554 CP3876 CP2399 CP3879 CP2561 CP3894 CP3894 CP3895 CP3894 CP3896 CP3894 CP3897 CP3894 CP3939 CP2279 CP3969 CP3086 CP3970 CP4970 CP3974 CP4970 CP3977 CP4970 CP3980 CP6210 CP3996 CP3596 CP4020 CP3215 CP4066 CP2340 CP4068 CP2340 CP4069 CP4070 CP4090 CP3894 CP4096 CP3894 CP4097 CP3894 CP4098 CP3894 CP4100 CP2399 CP4120 CP2399 CP4130 CP4296 CP4131 CP4296 CP4132 CP4296 CP4140 CP4140 CP4144 CP3345 CP4145 CP2340 CP4152 CP2340 CP4155 CP4154 CP4156 CP4154 CP4158 CP4154 CP4166 CP4466 CP4169 CP4466 CP4176 CP4466 CP4177 CP4466 CP4190 CP3558 CP4218 CP3558 CP4219 CP3215 CP4220 CP2554 CP4226 CP4226 CP4227 CP4226 CP4230 CP4595 CP4240 CP4240 CP4259 CP4240 CP4260 CP4240 CP4270 CP2270 CP4279 CP2279 CP4280 CP4240 CP4288 CP4288 CP4289 CP4288 CP4296 CP4296 CP4409 CP2279 CP4466 CP4466 CP4469 CP4466 CP4477 CP4466 CP4484 CP4484 CP4485 CP4484 Caliper No. Pad No. CP4488 CP4488 CP4554 CP3558 CP4556 CP2340 CP4558 CP2340 CP4567 CP3345 CP4575 CP3558 CP4576 CP3558 CP4577 CP3558 CP4586 CP2399 CP4595 CP4595 CP4596 CP2399 CP4597 CP2749 CP4598 CP4595 CP4599 CP4595 CP4604 CP3714 CP4605 CP3714 CP4608 CP3558 CP4611 CP3894 CP4612 CP3894 CP4614 CP3714 CP4615 CP3714 CP4620 CP3215 CP4621 CP3558 CP4624 CP3714 CP4638 CP3696 CP4648 CP2195 CP4649 CP2195 CP4666 CP3666 CP4680 CP4860 CP4689 CP3679 CP4690 CP3215 CP4695 CP3558 CP4698 CP4595 CP4699 CP4595 CP4704 CP3714 CP4705 CP3714 CP4714 CP3714 CP4715 CP3714 CP4720 CP3797 CP4725 CP3215 CP4728 CP3558 CP4751 PFC751 CP4760 CP3797 CP4761 #7751 CP4771 #7751 CP4781 #7751 CP4790 CP3714 CP4795 CP3558 CP4844 CP4844 CP4848 CP4848 CP4849 CP4848 CP4879 CP2399 CP4890 CP3215 CP4894 CP3894 CP4896 CP3215 CP4909 CP3894 CP4910 CP3894 CP4915 CP3894 CP4920 CP3894 CP4921 CP3894 CP4922 CP3894 CP4930 CP3894 CP4960 CP4240 CP4970 CP4970 CP4974 CP4970 CP4979 CP4990 CP4995 CP4990 CP4996 CP3215 CP5000 RANGE -10 / -13 CP3714 -20 / -23 CP3215 -30 / -33 CP3345 -40 / -43 CP3215 -50 / -53 CP3215 -56 / -59 CP3215 -74 / -77 CP3215 CP5006 CP3215 CP5015 CP3714 CP5016 CP3714 CP5017 CP3714 CP5018 CP3714 CP5020 CP2399 CP5030 CP4296 CP5040 RANGE -2 / -5 CP3215 -10 / -13 CP3345 -20 / -23 CP3714 -30 / -33 CP2279 CP5045 CP5045 Caliper No. Pad No. CP5060 CP3894 CP5070 CP5070 CP5090 CP2279 CP5095 CP3558 CP5100 CP3345 CP5104 CP2340 CP5108 CP3345 CP5111 CP5111 CP5116 CP5234 CP5120 CP3345 CP5130 CP2340 CP5144 CP2340 CP5145 CP2279 CP5146 CP5070 CP5147 CP2340 CP5148 CP5148 CP5200 CP3215 CP5205 CP3215 CP5209 CP3215 CP5210 CP3894 CP5211 CP2399 CP5218 CP2399 CP5219 CP3215 CP5230 CP5230 CP5234 CP5234 CP5235 CP5119 CP5260 CP3558 CP5266 CP5166 CP5270 CP3558 CP5300 CP2564 CP5308 CP2564 CP5310 CP2399 CP5311 CP2399 CP5320 CP6600 CP5410 CP5510 CP5420 CP5510 CP5510 CP5510 CP5515 CP5510 CP5535 CP7031 CP5555 CP3894 CP5560 CP3894 CP5566 CP4466 CP5567 CP3345 CP5570 CP3894 CP5575 CP5070 CP5577 CP4466 CP5580 CP3894 CP5588 CP4466 CP5589 CP3215 CP6610 CP5510 CP5611 CP3894 CP5620 CP3215 CP5630 CP3894 CP5666 CP3666 CP5689 CP3215 CP5710 CP5510 CP5751 #7751 CP5752 #7751 CP5760 CP5860 CP5761 #7751 CP5771 #7751 CP5779 CP5788 CP5780 CP5788 CP5785 CP5788 CP5788 CP5788 CP5789 CP5788 CP5800 CP4595 CP5805 CP5805 CP5806 CP5805 CP5810 CP4595 CP5820 CP5820 CP5828 CP6230 CP5830 CP2279 CP5835 CP2279 CP5836 CP5788 CP5840 CP5840 CP5842 CP5820 CP5845 CP5820 CP5846 CP6070 CP5847 CP6070 CP5850 CP5850 CP5860 CP4970 CP5865 CP4970 CP5866 CP4970 CP5870 CP4970 CP5880 CP2279 CP5890 CP4595 CP5895 CP4595 CP5900 CP4595 Caliper No. Pad No. CP5928 CP2399 CP5960 CP4970 CP5970 CP4970 CP5971 CP4970 CP5990 CP5788 CP6030 CP2340 CP6040 CP4970 CP6041 CP4970 CP6042 CP4970 CP6044 CP4970 CP6050 CP6050 CP6051 CP6050 CP6055 CP4240 CP6056 CP3558 CP6060 CP6210 CP6065 CP6210 CP6070 CP6070 CP6071 CP6070 CP6075 CP6230 CP6077 CP3558 CP6078 CP3558 CP6080 CP4970 CP6083 CP6210 CP6086 CP6210 CP4970 CP6087 CP3558 CP4240 CP6088 CP3558 CP4240 CP6096 CP4970 CP6114 CP5119 CP6119 CP5119 CP6120 CP5119 CP6121 CP5119 CP6126 CP5119 CP6148 CP5148 CP6160 CP6210 CP6161 CP6210 CP6165 CP6210 CP6169 CP6169 CP6220 CP6220 CP6230 CP6230 CP6234 CP5234 CP6235 CP6235 CP6240 CP6230 CP6270 CP6070 CP6271 CP6070 CP6267 CP6267 CP6268 CP6268 CP6269 CP6210 CP6315 CP3894 CP6277 CP6276 CP6277 CP6278 CP6070 CP6320 CP3215 CP6340 CP3215 CP6350 CP6230 CP6360 CP6210 CP6361 CP6210 CP6382 #7940 CP6420 CP3215 CP6470 CP3215 CP6480 CP6070 CP6508 CP6508 CP6520 CP3215 CP6560 CP3215 CP6561 CP3345 CP6562 CP3215 CP6564 CP3215 CP6600 CP6600 CP6602 CP6600 CP6602 -4 & -5 CP6606 CP6605 CP6600 CP6608 CP6600 CP6609 CP6600 CP6611 CP6600 CP6665 CP6230 CP6688 CP6688 CP6720 CP3215 CP6730 CP3215 CP6740 CP3215 CP6751 #7751 CP6760 CP3345 CP6761 #7751 CP6766 CP6766 CP6768 CP6766 CP6820 CP6820 CP6821 CP6820 Caliper No. Pad No. CP6830 CP6820 CP6831 CP6820 CP6840 CP6820 CP7031 CP7031 CP7040 CP7040 CP7041 CP7040 CP7045 CP7040 CP7060 CP7040 CP7269 CP6210 CP7480 CP6070 CP7600 CP7600 CP7601 CP7600 CP7602 CP7600 CP7603 CP7600 CP7605 CP7600 CP7606 CP7600 CP7607 CP7600 CP7609 CP7600 CP7611 CP7600 CP7635 CP7635 CP7751 CPF751 CP7853 CP4488 CP8240 #7751 CP8241 #7751 CP8250 #7751 CP8310 CP8310 CP8315 CP8310 CP8316 CP8310 CP8317 CP8310 CP8350 CP8250 CP8351 CP8250 CP8352 CP8250 CP8520 CP7555 CP8521 CP7555 CP8522 CP7555 CP8530 CP6600 CP8540 CP6600 CP8560 CP6600 CP9040 CP7040 CP9200 CP3215 CP9202 CP3215 CP9440 CP3215 CP9441 CP3215 CP9444 CP3215 CP9445 CP3215 CP9446 CP6820 CP9447 CP6820 CP9449 CP3215 CP9450 CP3215 CP9451 CP3215 CP9540 CP6600 CP9541 CP6600 CP9542 CP6600 CP9560 CP7555 CP9561 CP7555 CP9562 CP7555 CP9660 CP3905 CP9665 CP6230 CP9668 CP3558 CP9570 CP9555 CP9571 CP9555 CP9572 CP9555 CP9580 CP7040 CP9581 CP7040 CP9582 CP7040 BRAKE PADS - Pad To Suit AP Racing Calipers