AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

58 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details FACTORY BIG BRAKE KITS - Introduction A P Racing, the world’s premier brake specialists continue to put their unrivalled experience into producing up-rated brake kits for a range of models. The Factory Big Brake Kits are compatible with standard suspension on all applica- tions, but in the majority of cases will require an aftermarket wheel. APRacing continually improve their brake kits by carrying out extensive testing programs to replicate the conditions encountered by performance brake systems in everyday use. Information on the equipment used in Factory Big Brake Kits, together with performance data obtained from an independent test on a typical high performance vehicle and a current application list is given on page 59. ◘ BOLTS, WASHERS AND FIXINGS APRacing Brake Kits are complete conversions containing everything you need. Disc and bells are already assembled, mounting nuts and bolts are of high tensile steel. ◘ CALIPER MOUNTING BRACKETS Machined from aluminium or steel billet for maximum strength. The brackets ensure accurate relocation of the calipers making installation straightforward. ◘ ALUMINIUM BELLS To prevent heat distortion and stress cracking, the special cast iron discs are mounted on aluminium bells. (Except BMW Mini & some rear kits.) This allows for the tiny amount of flexing required to avoid distortion. ◘ STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED HOSES & GUARDS Not only do braided hoses offer extra protection against damage, they also resist expansion when fluid within them is under pressure. Standard hoses can ‘give’ under pressure resulting in a spongy feel. ◘ FACTORY ) DOT 5.1 BRAKE FLUID Factory ) DOT 5.1 meets the performance criteria of DOT 5.1 and as such is one of the most advanced brake fluids on the market, suitable for all conditions likely to be encountered in modern driving conditions. ◘ PERFORMANCE BRAKE PADS Almost all AP Racing Factory Big Brake Kits come complete with AP Racing APF404 pads. These are ideally suited for all round performance road use. We can advise on, or specify and supply alternative pads specifically for track days. ◘ HEAVY DUTY DISC APPLICATIONS Some heavy duty applications will use AP Racing’s latest disc mounting technology. Either Bobbin Float or Strap Drive Systems are used. The strap drive option uses a series of stainless steel straps to locate the disc to the mount- ing bell, producing a flexible coupling between the hub and the disc faces. This allows the disc to run true in the caliper under all conditions and also permits the disc to expand and contract without being restricted. FACTORY BIG BRAKE KITS ARE ◘ 4 OR 6 PISTON DIFFERENTIAL BORE CALIPERS. Calipers are made to AP Racing’s exacting standards and use two or three pairs of opposing pistons, depending on the application, in each caliper. Trailing edge pistons often have a slightly larger diameter than the leading ones, to compensate for mechanical end load and protect the pads from tapered wear. On road cars with thin spoke alloy wheels the visual effect of the brakes is important. The calipers are hard anodised and then finished with a tough Black, Red or Silver protective paint finish with the AP Racing logo embossed in the casting or screen printed in a contrasting colour. AP Racing has a number of aftermarket Radi-CAL™ calipers to use within the Factory Brake Kit range. Please contact AP Racing technical department for details. FACTORY BIG BRAKE KITS HAVE ◘ INCREASED STOPPING POWER - Bigger discs and multi piston calipers mean more power. ◘ REDUCED FADE - Greater tolerance to heat build up means consistent stops. ◘ RACING PEDIGREE - Built with the same care and by the same technicians as our racing brakes. ◘ FULLY ADAPTED FOR ROAD USE - Adapted specifically for the road with dust seals and a durable anti corrosion finish. ◘ LARGE DIAMETER DISCS. Ventilated discs have 24, 30, 36, 48 or 72 cooling vanes, depending on the application, to draw air through the centres of the discs. They are handed left and right, and are cross drilled or grooved, again, depending on the application, to allow gasses that build up on the pad surface to escape. Where cross drilling is used it is more restrained than on our full face race discs, as pad longevity is more important on a road car than weight saving. The discs are wider and of a larger diameter than standard. The extra material controls heat build-up and the larger diameter means that the calipers can be mounted further away from the centre increasing the leverage effect, which increases braking torque while decreasing effort required on the pedal. VENTILATED DISC AND BELL KITS AP Racing now produce disc and bell kits as aftermarket direct replacements for OE discs. These kits are designed to replace the standard single piece disc retaining the vehicle’s production caliper. The kits includes either bobbin float, strap drive or rigid (Bolted) disc and bell assemblies, and for the kits with pads, a set of AP Racing APF404 or Ferodo DS2500 materials. For applica- tions and part number details see page 39.