AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

122 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details Part Numbers Part Number Description Weight Dim’n ‘A’ Bore Size Lift Capacity Operating Pressure Maximum Safety Prop CP3985 STANDARD DUTY AIR JACKS CP3985-150 150mm stroke - with Aluminium foot 0.83Kg 224mm 54.0mm 675Kg 30 Bar. CP3985-15 CP3985-150EV 150mm stroke - with exhaust valve & Aluminium foot 0.88Kg CP3985-230 230mm stroke - with Aluminium foot 1.07Kg 325mm CP3985-23 CP3985-230EV 230mm stroke - with exhaust valve & Aluminium foot 1.12Kg CP3985-310 310mm stroke - with Aluminium foot 1.34Kg 425mm CP3985-31 CP3985-310EV 310mm stroke - with exhaust valve & Aluminium foot 1.39Kg CP3945 HEAVY DUTY AIR JACKS CP3945-230 230mm stroke - with Stainless steel foot 1.28Kg 325mm 54.0 675kg 30 Bar. CP3985-23 CP3945-230EV 230mm stroke - with exhaust valve & Stainless steel foot 1.33Kg CP3945-310 310mm stroke - with Stainless steel foot 1.60kg 425mm CP3985-31 CP3945-310EV 310mm stroke - with exhaust valve & Stainless steel foot 1.65Kg Repair Kits CP3985-1RK - for all air jacks with exhaust valve (EV). CP3985-11RK - for all non-exhaust valved air jacks. Spares Note: The mounting ring CP2820-110 are also available to order separately. AP Racing range of Aluminium Air Jacks have a compression spring rather than the conventional tension return spring system. This makes the Air Jack faster, and more efficient in operation with a lift capacity of 675kg, per air jack at 30 Bar operating pressure. INTRODUCTION AP Racing Air Jacks are designed to be both lightweight and reliable, they are used by many teams and manufacturers in Sport Cars / Touring Cars plus many other series around the world. The two available options are:- - CP3985 is the ‘standard duty’ version with an aluminium foot. - CP3945 is the ‘heavy duty’ version, dimensional identical to CP3985 but with a larger ram section making all variants approximately 30-40g heavier and a stainless steel foot. - Available, with or without a built in exhaust valve which can be throttled to adjust speed of descent. A range of accessories including safety props, lances & connectors are also available. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not exceed the recommended operating pressure of 30 Bar. WARNING. Explosive release of the energy stored in compressed air can be dangerous. Please read the notes below. Jacks & air connections should be examined regularly for signs of damage. Note: CP3985/CP3945 families replace CP2985, which is no longer available. Information on CP2985 & CP2995 will remain on our website as a guide only. RECONDITIONING AP Racing have introduced two tool kits to enable a user to recondition their Air Jacks. ◘ CP4985-20 kit contains all tools necessary to recondition all CP3985 & CP3945 Air Jacks. See page 124 for information. ◘ CP4985-10 kit contains all tools necessary to recondition all CP2985 style Jacks. Visit our website for further information. SAFETY, INSTALLATION & USE - Never work under a vehicle supported only by Air Jacks unless safety props are fitted. - Do not use ‘U’ bolt type clamps as distortion of the body will cause the Air Jack to stick. - Do not loosen or remove adaptor. Jacks must be vertical during operation, Mounting brackets or clamps to be fitted to threaded section of body only. - Do not use petrol or paraffin for cleaning the Air Jacks as this will damage the rubber seals. - Use an alcohol based cleaning fluid e.g. Methylated spirit. - Use only silicone spray or silicone grease when internal lubrication is necessary. NOTE: CP3985 Air Jack have an M14 female inlet and connections AIR JACK - General Information, CP3985 & CP3945 Air Jacks STROKE 80.0mm THREAD LENGTH 80.0mm THREAD LENGTH Ø45.0 DIM’N ‘A’ M62x1.5 M62x1.5 COLLAR OVER EXHAUST PORTS CAN BE ADJUSTED TO CONTROL AIR FLOW ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING RINGS (2 OFF) 8.0 INLET PORT M14x1.5 INTERNAL THREAD AS SUPPLIED. 4.50 31.50 Ø32.0 Ø60.0 Ø75.0 END DETAIL OF AIR JACK WITHOUT EXHAUST VALVE e.g. PART No, CP3985-150 Ø24.0 10.50 ADAPTOR:- CP3985-144 M14 RO JIC 6 (9/16” UNF) MATERIAL: ALUMINIUM COPPER GASKET: Kl44523 9/16”UNF M14 x 1.5 14.00 5.80 14.00 19 A/FLATS ADAPTOR:- CP3985-145 M14 RO JIC 8 (3/4” x 16UNF) MATERIAL: ALUMINIUM COPPER GASKET: Kl44523 3/4”x16 UNF M14 x 1.5 14.00 5.80 16.00 22 A/FLATS 6.4 CP3985 & CP3945 SERIES - AIR JACKS