AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

123 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details AIR JACK - Accessories CP3985 TYPE SAFETY PROPS These one piece machined from billet aluminium safety devices have been designed to be clipped around the ram of the air jack when fully extended to prevent accidental withdrawal of the ram. The air jack safety prop has an integral billet handle (where specified) and an anodised surface finish for durability. Handle fitted to all props except CP3985-15. (Safety Props must be ordered separately) ◘ CP3985-31 For use with CP3985-310, CP3985-310EV, CP3945-310 & CP3945-310EV ◘ CP3985-23 For use with CP3985-230, CP3985-230EV, CP3945-230 & CP3945-230EV ◘ CP3985-15 For use with CP3985-150 & CP3985-150EV CP2985-7 EXHAUST VALVE This exhaust valve was designed for CP2985 and CP2995 Air Jacks types which are no longer available. CP2985-7 Exhaust Valve is supplied in kit form which can be fitted by the customer and to other makes of Air jacks if required. IMPORTANT: Maximum operating limit = 20Bar The kit is supplied as a single exhaust valve with two rubber seals and a pressure sealing ring for fitting to CP2985 & CP2995 Air Jack types only. CP3985 and CP3945 Air Jack types have built in exhaust valve available as an option. Care should be taken so that the rubber seals are located correctly in the pressure sealing ring when the exhaust valve is screwed down on the male adaptor on top of the Air Jack. The Exhaust Valve should be positioned so that the outlet face is not obstructed and also that the pressure flow of air does not damage anything within the car. To complement the range of Air Jacks, AP Racing offer a new lighter lance design (CP6116-15) used with Connector & Valve (CP6116-3) or Connector (CP6116-4). Designed to have high flow and positive operation. The Connector Valve CP6116-3 has a two position valve to release system pressure. - Maximum operating pressure 40BAR . N.B. Lance & Connectors are NOT interchangeable with previous CP6006 Series part. Installation: 1. Attach the connector valve assembly to vehicle and link to Air Jacks. 2. Attach air line to the lance assembly. Connecting: 3. With the valve in its open position, offer the lance assembly squarely on to the snap on connector of the valve assembly. 4. Push the lance into place until it latches onto the valve. The valve will close automatically. Disconnection: 5. Pull the whole lance assembly off the valve. The valve will remain closed and theAir Jacks extended. Venting The Air Jacks, with CP6116-3 Connector Valve: 6. Open the valve by pulling the operating sleeve fully out. Venting The Air Jacks, with CP6116-4 Connector: 6. As there is no valve, the air will be released as soon as the lance is removed. Weights - CP6116-15 = 650g / CP6116-3 = 180g / CP6116-4 = 70g. 39.80 60.25 25.60 17.50 31.10 VALVE OPEN 19.69 VALVE CLOSED M35x1.50 9/16”x18UNF (TO AIR JACKS) 9/16”x18UNF (TO AIR JACKS) KEEP AIR VENT HOLES CLEAR VALVE & CONNECTOR PART NUMBER: CP6116-3 CONNECTOR PART NUMBER: CP6116-4 Ø44.00 LANCE PART NUMBER: CP6116-15 26.25 40.75 7.00 Ø26.00 Ø46.00 AIR INLET M16x1.5 213.85 FLATS FLATS CP6116 AIR JACK LANCE AND CONNECTORS CUSTOMER NOTES Maintenance: To maintain the lance it is recommended to spray silicone separator. Spray down the nose of the lance and then engage the lance onto the connector for 3 or 4 times to work spray in.