AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

124 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details CP3985 & CP3945 AIR JACK SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS CP4985-20 TOOL KIT FOR USE WITH CP3985-1RK & -11RK REPAIR KITS DIS-ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Hold the Air Jack in a vice using the pair of threaded Body Clamps (Tool 1). Do not over tighten. (See Fig 1.) 2. Locate Pin Tool (Tool 2) into the Bearing Housing holes and unscrew anti-clockwise out of the Air Jack Body using either a Torque spanner and a 21mm socket or using a Tommy bar (not supplied) through the hole in the Pin Tool. (See Fig 1.) 3. Once the Bearing housing is unscrewed completely from the Body, the Air Jack Piston Assembly can be withdrawn from the Body in one piece. (See Fig 2.) 4. If only cleaning and lubrication is to be carried out, then there is no need to dis-assemble the Air Jack further, but if the assembly is to be stripped down for replacement of all Bearings and Seals, then the follow- ing instructions apply. 5. Manually slide the Bearing Housing along the Air Jack Ram, com- pressing the Spring and slip the pair of Ram Clamps (Tool 3) around the Ram and between the Bearing Housing and the foot. Carefully release the Spring load to grip the Clamps. See Fig 3.) SAFETY NOTICE:- THE PENT UP SPRING FORCE IS POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS, SOTHISOPERATIONSHOULDBE CARRIED OUT WITH GREAT CARE, TO AVOID ACCIDENTS. 6. Hold the assembly in a vice using the Ram Clamps. Do not over tighten. Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3. Fig 4. Fig 5. Fig 6. Tool 1. CP4985-111 Tool 4. CP4985-109 Tool 2. CP4985-110 Tool 3. CP4985-108 7. Using Pin Tool (Tool 4) engaged in the holes in the foot, rotate anti- clockwise to unscrew the foot from the Ram. (See Fig 4.) 8. Carefully slacken the vice grip to release the assembly, (bearing in mind the safety note above in instruction 5) . The Bearing Housing, small Bearing, Spring and Spacer (If fitted) can now be removed from the Piston Assembly. 9. The End Cap can be removed from the Body if necessary, using the Body Clamps (Tool 1) and a spanner applied to the 30mm flats on the Cap. (See Fig 5.) 10. Likewise the Inlet Adaptor can be unscrewed from the Cap using standard spanners to access the Valve Seal. 11 . The Air Jack is now sufficiently dis-assembled to clean, lubricate and fit replacement parts. SERVICING AND RE-ASSEMBLY These notes assume that all metal components are in a re-usable condition. If any component is damaged beyond use, then the Air Jack should either be returned to AP Racing for full reconditioning, including replacement of the damaged components, or additional replacement parts will need to be ordered. 1. Remove all 3 O-Rings and the Valve Cup Seal from the Cap, Inlet Adaptor and Piston and remove both plastic Bearings and discard. Make note of the orientation of the Valve Cup Seal, in order to re-assemble correctly later. Thoroughly clean all other metal components. Use an alcohol based cleaning fluid i.e. Methylated Spirit or warm soapy water. DO NOT USEANY PETROLEUM BASED CLEANERSAS THESEWILL DAMAGE THE RUBBER SEALS. 2. Use the 3 O-rings, the Valve Seal and the two Bearings contained in Repair Kit CP3985-1RK to replace those parts discarded. In order to install the larger Bearing, it will be necessary to split it as shown in the instructions included in the repair kit. The smaller Bearing need not be split to install. 3 . There is an O-Ring bonded into a groove in the foot to act as return stop, if this is missing or damaged, then it can be replaced with one from the repair kit. Use a small amount of Loctite 406 to fix the new O-Ring to the foot. 4. Apply Silicon Spray lubricant to the main Bore of the Body and pack the Main O-Ring groove of the piston with Silicon Grease as shown in (fig 6.) . Take care not to allow lubricant onto any of the threads that are to be bonded with Loctite. 5. Re-assembly is the exact reverse of the operations listed above. 6. The Foot is to be bonded to the Ram, and the Cap is to be bonded into the Body using Loctite 270. Ensure threads are clean, apply LoctiteActivator 7649, and then apply one complete circumferential ring of Loctite to the first turn only of the Male thread. Do not apply excess Loctite. With the Activator applied, the Loctite will set quickly, so apply the Loctite activator only just prior to threading any pair of parts together. Quickly screw parts together until fully seated, ensuring that any O-Rings are correctly positioned and are not cut. Using the same tools used for dis-assembly, tighten all parts securely.Use a compressed air supply of 5 Bar maximum to check for leaks. AIR JACK - CP3985 Servicing