AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

60 visit www.apracing.com for installation drawings & up to date product range details FACTORY BIG BRAKE & COMPETITION BRAKE KITS IMPORTANT NOTE: BRAKE PROFILE DRAWINGS. To help with the correct wheel choice to suit our Factory Big Brake Kits please log on to: www.apracing.com to check the wheel profile drawing which can be downloaded for your given model. If the information is not available for your model please contact AP Racing directly. AP Racing, the world’s premier racing Brake specialists, are able to apply their unrivalled experience into producing upgraded Brake Kits for a range of models for competition use. The Brake Kits listed below are compatible with standard suspen- sion on all applications. But in the majority of cases will require an aftermarket wheel. AP Racing carry out extensive testing programs which replicate the conditions of use and operate a policy of continuous product development. COMPETITION BRAKE KITS HAVE:- ◘ INCREASED STOPPING POWER - Larger ventilated discs and multi piston calipers mean more power and superior cooling. ◘ SUPERIOR FADE RESISTANCE - Greater tolerance to heat build-up means consistent stops. ◘ RACE WINNING PEDIGREE - AP Racing products have won thousands of races including over 800 GP Victories, stopping many World Champions in Championships across the globe. COMPETITION BRAKE KITS ARE:- ◘ 4 OR 6 PISTON CALIPERS - Calipers are made to AP Racing’s exacting standards and use two or three pairs of opposed pistons in each caliper, the most efficient design. Trailing edge pistons have a slightly larger diameter than the leading ones, to protect the pads from tapered wear. ◘ LARGE DIAMETER DISCS - Ventilated discs have 24, 30, 36, 48 or 72 cooling vanes depending on the application, to draw air through the centres of the discs. They are handed left and right, and are cross drilled or grooved, again, depending on the application, to allow gasses that build up on the pad surface to escape. ◘ COMPETITION BRAKE PADS - AP Racing brake kits come complete with appropriate pads for all round performance for the individual application. We can specify and supply more specialised pads. N.B. Kits with an NP suffix in the Part Number do not contain pads. ◘ ALUMINIUM BELLS - To prevent heat distortion and stress cracking, the cast iron discs are mounted on Aluminium bells. This allows for the tiny amount of flexing required to avoid distortion. ◘ ALUMINIUM MOUNTING BRACKETS - Machined fromAluminium billet for maximum strength and weight saving. The brackets ensure accurate relocation of the calipers making installation simpler. N.B. Some competition brake kits use lug type calipers and there- fore do not contain brackets. ◘ BOLTS, WASHERS AND FIXINGS - AP Racing Brake Kits are complete conversions with everything you need. Disc and bells are already assembled, mounting nuts and bolts are of high tensile steel. Application Year Brake Kit Part Number Caliper Disc Size. (in mm) Brake Disc Part Number Brake Pads Part Number Wheels & Notes BMW 335i E93 2006 on CP5040-1002NP CP5040-30/31, 4 Pot Ø330x32 / 48V CP3581-40CG8 (RH) / -41CG8 (LH) CP2279D50 18” M3 E46 - Front 00 - 06 CP5260-1003NP CP5260-8/9, 6 Pot Ø368x36 / 72V CP5772-164G8 (RH) / -165G8 (LH) CP3558D54 18” M3 E46 - Rear CP5144-1005NP CP5144-18/19, 4 Pot Ø328x20 / Int CP4475-22G8 (RH) / -23G8 (LH) CP3345D44 18” M3 E92 - Front 2006 on CP5260-1001NP CP5260-8/9, 6 Pot Ø368x36 / 72V CP5772-164G8 (RH) / -165G8 (LH) CP3558D54 18” M3 E92 - Rear CP6602-1003NP CP6602-20/-21, 4 Pot Ø352x26 / 48V CP6565-48G8 (RH) / -49G8 (LH) CP6606D51 18” Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7/8/9 Front 01 to 07 CP5060-1002NP CP5060-12/13, 6 POT Ø355x32 / 48V CP3581-1150CG12 (RH) / -1151CG12 (LH) CP3894D54 18” motorsport Wheel Lancer Evo 7/8/9 Rear CP4556-1001 CP4556, 4 Pot Ø304x25 / 36V CP3837-230GA (RH) / -231GA (LH) CP2340D51-APF402 17” Aftermarket. Subaru Impreza Front 1993 on CP5060-1006NP CP5060-10/11, 6 Pot Ø356x32 / 48V CP3581-536G8 (RH) / -537G8 (LH) CP3894D54 18” Aftermarket. Impreza Rear 1993 on CP7625-1001NP CP7625-10/11, 4 Pot Ø335x24 / 48V CP6565-200G8 (RH) / -201G8 (LH) CP7600D46 18” Aftermarket. VW Golf MK5, GTi & TDi 05 to 08 CP5060-1001NP CP5060-12/13, 6 Pot Ø362x32 / 48V CP4542-112CG12 (RH) / -113CG12 (LH) CP3894D54 18” Motorsport Wheel Brake Pads not included in kits Scirocco 2008 on CP5060-1001NP CP5060-12/13, 6 Pot Ø362x32 / 48V CP4542-112CG12 (RH) / -113CG12 (LH) CP3894D54 CUSTOMER NOTES