AP Racing Catalogue Issue 4

ACTUATION It is widely understood that the actuation system is a major factor in the overall performance of the brake system. AP Racing R&D is focused on this area and a number of new and/or improved products have been added to the range which now includes not only Master Cylinders, Brake Fluid, Reservoirs, Proportioning Valves, but also Sliding Floor Mounted Pedal Boxes, Balance Bars, and accessories. This Section provides technical information regarding each product, if you require further details please contact AP Racing Technical Section. ◘ MASTER CYLINDERS ◘ MOTORCYCLE CYLINDERS ◘ FLUID RESERVOIRS ◘ PEDAL BOXES ◘ HAND BRAKES ◘ BALANCE BARS ◘ BRAKE FLUID ◘ HYDRAULIC FITTINGS ◘ DRY BLEED SYSTEM (DRY BREAKS) ◘ PROPORTIONING VALVES